“There is something in the puppet that ties its dramatic life more to the shapes of dreams and fantasy, the poetry of the unconscious, than to any realistic drama of human life.”

Kenneth Gross, from Puppet: An Essay on Uncanny Life

My interest is in how people respond to the human form including our own bodies, especially with regard to gender. With rapid growth in digitalisation and globalisation, pressure to conform to unrealistic ideals is increasing while opportunities to modify our bodies and how it is seen in photographs are growing.

I make 3 dimensional kinetic works using a wide variety of media. My current work is Body Machine, a 2 metre wooden structure within which an electric motor drives a series of chains and belts. This chaotic machinery rotates a collection of arms, legs, heads and torsos made of miscellaneous materials, including plastics, plaster bandage and found items. The layout creates the idea that a human form made of these mismatched parts may appear at the front of the work.

Although the body in this work is to a basically human size, I often play with scale and how this affects our response.

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